30-10-2006  Creel Commission 'Retrospective' on Last FM

Progress, as we all know, is an illusion and so Creel Commission is no more but the death of one band has given birth to two more with both brothers fronting different projects.

Ed, James & Chris are now working as The Dog Days

& Jamie is currently working wtih the Myriad Creatures

.... check them out... you won't be disappointed.

Creel Commission's 'Retrospective' can be heard on Last FM at this link.

Meanwhile check out the video to I Don't Care here:

28-06-2006  John Zerzan

We had an excellent conversation with John Zerzan last night... he's a notorious writer and broadcaster with an anarchist and primitivist bent... an editor of green anarchy, converser with Ted Kacynski (the Unabomber), author of several fascinating texts including 'Against Civilisation' and 'Running on Emptiness', but also in person a remarkably gentle conversationalist in contrast to his far more polemic writing persona. The full text is listed under the CONVERSATIONS tab in the left hand margin... i hope you enjoy it!

28-03-2006  I believe that the US is going to bomb Iran...

... before 2006 is over"

We recently had a fireside chat with Michael T. Klare, author of Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Petroleum Dependency, Resource Wars etc. which proved to be very enlightening and entertaining. His writing generally addresses the implications of America's fuel dependency and comes up with some pretty bleak future visions. The US consumes a quarter of the world's oil with 5% of the world's population and is taking military action throughout the Middle East to secure access to this most precious and rapidly depleting resource. A chorus of writers and scientists have predicted that global oil production will peak anywhere from now until 2020. As the supply of oil diminishes and our global per capita consumption continues to increase, the only plausible scenario is that oil prices will keep on rising and that America - and others - will take increasingly aggressive military action to secure a share of it. Iran is next on the hit list, and though we can expect the government spin doctors to sell us disinformation about the nuclear threat and Iran's sponsorship of state backed terrorism, we can be sure that the underlying reason is that America, and the West in general, is thirsty and will do anything to keep its drink of choice on the table. Meanwhile, welcome to the party China, India and everyone else, and you can see we're all gonna have one helluva time...

The implications of all this should shake everyone up and kick us out of our consensual screenaholic consumer trance... sure we all try to work to secure our future believing that the globalised status quo will still be around as we hit retirement, but Klare implies that by the end of our lives we will be rebuilding society more along the lines of Mad Max than anything utopian. If its not the 'Infinite War'TM that gets us then it will be the environmental devastation implied by this fossil fuel addiction of which Hurricane Katrina is just the tip of the iceberg. It all seems pretty bleak but he does offer plenty words of encouragement and hope. He has seen a big shift in public awareness and understanding of these issues over the last 12 months, escalating with the release of movies such as Syriana, documentaries such as 'The End of Suburbia', the impact Hurrican Katrina and a willingness of the popular press opinion columns to hold necessary discussion and debate... 70% of America's fuel consumption is due to transportation of which a big part is individual use in cars, trucks and SUV's, and he believes that if people can target their vehicle use and the developing nations can be convinced to industrialise to a more sustainable model, then we could perhaps avert disaster. Of course he finds this implausible, as do we, so hold onto your hat and befriend someone in the Cairngorms, or head off to northern Alaska, 'cause when the shit goes down...

For more on these ideas there are a few links below.... Life After The Oil Crash or Postcarbon.org whilst Michael Klare features in this excellent documentary, The End of Suberbia

read our discussion with Michael Klare here.

04-03-2006  this is quite amusing


03-03-2006  Merchandise sale now on

T-Shirts only 5 plus P&P. Digging In EP only 3.60 plus P&P - see merchandise page.

16-02-2006  Hello, Good evening, good morning, good afternoon

And welcome. The daily struggle of stuff often clogs up the arteries. The veins bulge and we can loose sense of what really matters. It is with delight that we are able to introduce some words of wisdom and some thoughts to help bring us back on the rails. People who have actually thought a little about a thing or two and people who have some important things to say can push us a bit further along the line to either understanding what is going on or just making us sit up and question. We generally are very good and lying back down again and ignoring the things that really matter... So Enough of all this mumbo-jumbo and to the Point. We are interviewing Michael Klare the author of "Blood and Oil" tonight. This will be up soon on our interview page and we hope you enjoy.

06-02-2006  Day 1

Was yesterday. We went to a new studio to check out recording and rehersing there. It went well and now we will live underground for a while, hopefully coming out before not long

19-01-2006  White Rabbits

"If you go around chasing rabbits, sooner or later you're going to find yourself down a hole..." Apparently reality doesn't exist and its all imagined by us as some form of consensual hallucination. The philosophers have fought over this stuff for millenia and its getting to the point of being pointless for anyone to even attempt to pick up the ball... can you imagine trawling through all that literature, you'd be about 90 before you could start to open your mouth... we aren't philosophers but we do enjoy chasing rabbits; and we are halfway down the proverbial hole already... when you see my boot cautiously sticking out entwined round some local weed, give it a good kick... i'm rather keen to find out what indeed lives down that hole and might need a push...

18-01-2006  2006

Here's another bigger number sitting on the top of a big number, and all of it sitting on top of a zero built by a guy that nobody can agree on. Jesus Christ... this world is weird... was that his name or an expletive... can anyone be sure of anything anymore? Well we can be sure that Creel Commission certainly exist in some kind of online fabrication and we can hope that that online recorded reality mirrors some real world activity... you will be glad to know that it does and 2006 is lining up to be a strange year. We are moving into that strangeness and hunting down some of the weirdest minds our universe has to offer... hopefully we will move into the weirdness with them. Its about time we put out a record, and that is hopefully going to be fabricated by end March/April time... of course the label 'record' is a very constricting fabrication too... why do we only feel that something exists if it sits on a catalogue or on a server somewhere in cyberspace... the point is the living of this shit, and that's a day to day pursuit of nothing but the holiest principle - some form of communion between people and whatever God or Probability Distribution you believe in... so take out your mobile's and stamp on them and see how you survive....

13-09-2005  Designer Magazine interview Creel Commission

"It's very rare you get a band that blows you away as much by their train of thought as the music. Creel Commission are such a band and these Agents of Awareness are "on a mission to find all the leftfield thinkers and to bring them into the mainstream". ...and here in the Designer Magazine interview Alex McCann finds a band who interest him as much as political heavyweights George Galloway, Tony Benn and The Black Panther Party."

Read the full interview at this link

04-07-2005  New video online

We've just put up the video to I Don't Care; basically a B-side that we really like. Check it out here.

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